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Email From Harrel regarding line of succession (TV Spoilers! You’ve Been Warned!)

January 26, 2015

That would be true on principle. However, you aren’t taking into account the following:
– According to king Tommen and previously king Joffrey, or rather queen Cersei and the rest of the Lannisters, Stannis is an attained traitor; therefore, his claim is presumably invalidated, and he is not considered Tommen’s and Myrcella’s heir. It’s likely that the claim of his daughter is also therefore invalidated.
– According to Dany and Aegon, Robert Baratheon was a usurper and traitor. Therefore, his claim and the claim of his brother Stannis (who also rose in arms against his ‘rightful king’ Aerys) would be invalidated, and he and probably his daughter as well would not be considered their heirs.

Podcast Winterfell

“Who’s” second in line? No, “What’s” second in line. “Who’s” third in line.

Last week, Mike Hall asked if Daenerys was the last Targaryen. Being that I’m a lawyer, I’m naturally obsessed with Westerosi succession laws. Moreover, as I have done a great deal of cases regarding inheritance and intestate succession (and the rules of royal succession follow a similar order), I’m somewhat an expert in this area. So, given that I don’t have anything to add to the chapters this week, I figure that this is a good place to recap where we are currently in regards to the lines of succession in Westeros.

I. Important Background (King Robert Targaryen):

Let’s begin with how Robert Baratheon became king. I know some folks have attempted to cite the conversation between Rob & Ned to argue that succession in Westeros is based simply on winning a war. Rob tells Ned he should…

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